What Are Ways To Reduce Hair Loss?

by Vibex Pharmaceutical

For men, hair loss is a serious health issue for them as it affect our appearance and relationship with others and so on. In the following content, we will discuss how nutrition can help men to reduce hair loss.

Hair loss is caused by several factors including, genes, change in hormones, mental and physical stress, as well as malnutrition. In this article, the discussion will be concentrated into the malnutrition. The food that humans are consuming reflected in the growth of most of the part of the body, especially hair. Hair requires numerous of nutrients to be healthy and grow. Omega-3 fatty acids are the first nutrients you will need to help grow back your hair. Other than for bringing benefits to the brain, omega-3 fatty acids also help to nourish the overall of human’s head. The nutrients from the fatty acids through the scalp, nourish the follicles and start contributing to grow healthier hair which prevents the hair breakage. The examples of food that contains high omega-3 fatty acids are salmon flaxseeds, tuna, walnuts, and kale.

The second nutrient is zinc. Similar function to the omega-3 fatty acids, zinc also helps the scalp and hair to stay healthy. It boosts the tissue repair, growth of tissues, maintain the oil-secreting glands’ production that stimulates the growth of human’s hair, and regulates the hormones. The adequate amount of zinc required daily to be able to function well is eleven milligrams.

For the third nutrient that is also important for hair growth is protein. Protein is the main component of human’s hair. A not adequate amount of protein could turn the hair colour of a person into grey quicker than the average people and also stimulate the hair loss. Therefore, you should be more aware and increasing the required nutrients to encourage the growth and maintain the healthiness of your hair.

What are ways to reduce hair loss?