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Company Activity

Vibex Pharmaceutical is a multinational specialty pharmaceutical company supported by the world’s leading exporters, who has a common goal of improving the lives of people through the best products.

To achieve our agenda, Vibex Pharmaceutical integrated business to respond international demand by developing supplements and cosmetics business among Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, ASEAN countries and North America.

Our products created in pursuit of mankind’s healthy living. This philosophy is committed to our thinking that our ingredients and materials suppose to be the world best quality, based on this idea, we continue to develop high-quality products that scientifically pursue safety and effectiveness. That is why Vibex Pharmaceutical products are very specially focused on safety and high quality. Through this value, not only in Japan domestic market, but also Vibex Pharmaceutical is exporting to other countries around the world to spread our value to all human mankind.

We believing that true happiness is coming from a healthy body, supporting people around the world to be healthy, and to be beautiful with our full of heart by doing our best to support people’s lives to be better. That is the mission of Vibex Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. We believe.

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