How to maintain a healthy brain?

by Vibex Pharmaceutical

A healthy brain is essential for us to maintain our mind stay clear, focused and active. As a result, it helps us to think, act and live more effectively. In the below, there are four ways for you to keep your brain always healthy.

A person’s brain works throughout a lifetime even from before leaving the womb. It helps to control your body’s functions and helps you understand and interact with the world around you. It is crucial for a person’s ability to think, act and live well. Maintaining a healthy brain can help your mind to stay clear, focused and active. Health conditions such as diabetic / high blood pressure not only affects the heart but also affects the brain function. There are several ways to keep your brain healthy as listed below:

Exercise your body – research have showed that exercise keeps the heart health which helps to grow new brain cells (neurons) but also helps to prevent stroke or other forms of dementia.

Exercise your brain – An article from 2019 shows that “our thoughts are always racing, provoking anxiety, but if you write it down with pencil and paper, it tells your brain it doesn’t have to be concerned about those things while you sleep.” Throwing all your troubles out of your brain can lead you to having a better sleep at night which also leads to less stress and becoming a healthier person.

Eat a healthy diet – a diet of rich Omega-3 fatty acids and full of nutrients helps the brain to stay healthy. This can be done by following meal plans such as the Mediterranean diet which emphasises fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts olive oil and avocadoes.

Socialise – “When you’re socializing, the blood circulates to several different parts of your brain as you’re listening and formulating responses,” was explained and discussed by the author stating that when a person connect with another they don’t get depressed as depression can hinder how well your brain works.