How to keep bones healthy?

by Vibex Pharmaceutical

Nowadays, we have focused more on preventing bone-healthy even earlier age. Bone healthiness determines our body development and movement etc. In the following, we have 5 suggestions for you to do the early prevention.

1. Make Healthy Food Choices
Bones requires the nutrients calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin K. Low-Fat Dairy products are excellent sources of calcium. For those who do not enjoy dairy products can try different types of fish (sardines, salmon) as they are known for having high amounts of calcium for daily consumption. Calcium and vitamin K can be taken from lots of the vegetables we eat daily too. Vitamin C can be consumed by eating multiple types of fruits on a daily basis. The consumption of pills that contain high amounts of calcium would also assist in having the right amount of calcium required in the body.

2. Quit Smoking
Smoking Cigarettes is one of the worst thing for your health and bones. Nicotine is the most poisonous substance, pro-longed smoking would cause thinning of the artery walls, reducing the ability to spread the required nutrients around the body. The bodies ability to absorb calcium is already a hard task, smoking would only make it more difficult, affecting the healthiness of the bones. Multiple studies have shown that those who smoke have lower bone bass and a higher risk of fractures than non-smokers.

3. Moderate Alcohol and Soda Intake
Reduce the consumption of alcohol and soda intake as high consumptions of these drinks has linked to lower bone density. It is better to use milk of calcium-fortified juice as a replacement when possible.

4. Exercise and Maintain a Healthy Body Weight
Maintain a balance in body weight. Being too heavy or too skinny are risks for osteoporosis. A balanced diet is also key for osteoporosis prevent. Active exercise are one of the best ways too as it allows muscles and bones to become stronger whilst its active.

5. Spend Some Time in the Sun
Your skin makes Vitamin when exposed to the sun. In order to absorb calcium and build healthy bones, the body requires vitamin D. Getting exposed to sun 5-30 minutes several times a week is more than enough.