What Helps You Grow Taller?

by Vibex Pharmaceutical

Although human height is mainly determined by genes, there are still ways for us to assist us to grow taller. For example, we should have a healthy breakfast, enough sleep, do exercise, keep a good posture and drink a great amount of water.

The proper height is one of the aspects that people always want to have. According to the research, although the most significant contribution of human’s height is by genes, there are other ways that could help human to grow taller.

The first one is a healthy breakfast. It boosts the metabolism of a person which influence the growth of the body.

The second way is to have enough sleep. During the human’s growing period (kids and teenagers), they require to sleep for approximately nine to eleven hours. By having the right duration of sleep, it will help in the overall development and growth since, at that age, the human body grows during sleep.

The third one is to do exercise. Along with the two ways mentioned previously, sports could also support the body to grow better. The sports that could be done are yoga, biking, swimming, running and other exercises that stretch the body.

The fourth way is to have a good posture. From standing and sitting with a straight body posture, it could help human grow more than five centimetres.

Finally, the fifth way is to drink plenty of water. The adequate amount of water that needs to be consumed in a day is eight glasses of water. It will help the human body to eliminate and digest the toxins from the body. Therefore, the practices above should be done as earlier as possible in order to get better results.

What Helps You to Grow Taller?