What Causes Obesity?

by Vibex Pharmaceutical

Obesity is one of the serious medical issues all over the world. Due to lots of reasons, people seldom do exercise and over-consume calories which case them obesity. In below, we have listed 3 common reasons that cause obesity.

Obesity is a medical condition that occurs when a person carries excess body fat that might affect their health. Fat increases the human bodies load on the organs, in the long run creating a long of health issues and a lower life expectancy.  The most worrying problem is even if a person is only overweight, it can already lead onto multiple health issues such as high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and diabetes etc. Most common reason are overconsumption of calories but lacking exercise to burn the calories consumed.

1. Poor Diet
Obesity is something that is caused gradually over time due to poor diet. Normally it would be due to eating too much processed or fast food, eating in portions more than he body requires and consuming too much sugary food and drinks. Most of the sugars that are not consumed by the body would be changed into fat and stored in the liver,  leading to fat being stored under the skin and around the organs, causing obesity.


2. Lack of Physical Activity
This is another key factor leading to obesity. When a person does not have a decent amount of exercise, with no other area to burn the calories, would be stored as fat. This fat would be stored around organs and under the skin. It is recommended that a person should do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day to stay active and healthy.


3. Medical Reasons
Health issues arise due to obesity, obesity also arises due to medical conditions. A lot of medicial conditions such as, (Encephalitis, brain tumour, arthritis or chronic disease requiring hormones or taking hormones to treat the condition) causing an irregular internal secretion leading to obesity. This is called “Symptomatic Obesity”. This type of patients occupy approximately 5% of the Obesity population. Also taking steroids, anti-thyroid hyperactivity drugs, or taking too much vitamins may cause weight gain.